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Monday, January 14, 2008


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Louise Morberg

Thanks for the 2008 Add-on Pack to replace my 2006 version. There is no way I will install this program which would be so annoying that we can not enjoy using the computer without flashing ads and popups.
How could you send out a program without this feature that we could turn off or on if we wanted it?
Very disappointed that Symantec could do this to us. I had more respect for it--now I wonder????


René Dentener

I wouldn't recommend waiting for future incorporation of features in the 2008 version and at the same time paying for it with no guarantee at all that Symantec will ever do so. My advice is to send back NIS 2008 and ask Symantec for a refund which I did in my case.(Symantec offers you this option within 60 days of buying their product) There are better alternatives for NIS 2008 which are even less costlier.

René Dentener, The Netherlands

Michael Hassey

I support the return of the Ad Blocking feature as all the adverts that keep coming up whislt I am working is extremely annoying.

Bring it on back Symantec.

Norma Hassey

I too depend on the Ad Blocking feature and cannot understand for the life of me why Symantec have dropped it from their Add-On Pack.

Surely they can release an extra free download for the many very unhappy NIS 2008 users.

With todays technology I am sure it can be done to keep all customers happy and to continue using the products.

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