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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Alexander Grundner

Thanks for reviewing the post. I was just frustrated with Cory Doctorow's solution and felt that we needed something that would work seamlessly in the background and cover various distribution outlets (be it online, via a cellular provider, through a physical disc medium, whatever). For example, if you were to buy music from Napster or iTunes, the player would have no problem playing DRM wrapped content from either service as long as the group's library had been supplied with the proper codec and DRM usage terms in advance. The same would work for video, if say, someone got there hands on a DivX DRM wrapped video or any other future, non-mainstream copy protection technology. Bottom line: Consumers would be able to use any service they desire and feel confident knowing that their player would playback the content and respect the conditions set forth by its DRM. It's a straightforward idea in a not so straightforward digital media landscape.

Moreover, by having DRM providers signed on as group members, the members themselves can regulate each other and also respond to user feedback in a more uniform basis. In my post I write: "However, I suggest to be a part of this grandiose endeavor, companies must comply with certain principals held by all who partake (kind of like the "Do no evil" bit Google used to model itself after)."

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  • Digital Rights Management is the association of rules governing use and use consequences with digital information of all kinds and the enforcement of those rules at a distance in time and space.


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